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Wheel Alignment

Wheel Aligner

Professional 2 Camera 3D Wheel Aligner

  • SPECIALE Wheel Alignment System is designed to make measurements and perform  alignment on S rabble and unsteerable wheel in automotive deal          workshops, car service stations, tyre shoppers and gnostic centers
  • The operation of the Wheel Aligner is based on measurements of wheel axis angle parame ers by digital video cameras and high-precision get targets
  • Only Target which Works Under Sunlight
  • Extremely Quick Clamping
  • Self Centering 3 Point Tyre Clamps
  • Quick Locking Unit W -3290



  • Worlds First Ever Intelligent Ta get Why adjusts Its If utoma cally to Work in ny Lighting Condi ions, including Sunliglit.


  • Ultra Light WeightThre point Tyre Clamps will a stable Arms 47-1100mm.
  • Extremely Quick Clamping with no Scratch to R m
  • SUPERB 360 A moveable Wheel Alignment system designed to keep measurements and perform alignment on vehicles raised on lift with wheels ins s ended position
  • The move ability helps to position of machine in any bay where the vehicle is, thus saving time to move every vehicle to bring in the dedicated alignment bay.
  • This dual capability a so m keys it an ideal machine for tyre shoppees with space constraints and a moveable systems the only way.
  • Capability o perform alignment with wheels raised and in suspended position so make it an ideal to partner the am    bled wheel lift, thereby making it an anywhere machine.