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  • Air Tube ying System (ATD) installed inside the Paint Booth speeds up drying times of waterborne basecoat and HS clear coats with 30 to 50%
  • Speeds up drying times of 2 component paints by minimally 30%
  • Increase of productivity- reduction in energy costs
  • Enhancement of the drying process – extra comfort for the sprayer
  • Displacing 5000 m3/honly consuming 1,1 Kw for each side
  • Simply the best investment a body shop can make nowadays to increase profitability


Red Light Short Wave Infrared Heater

  • RED LIGHT SHORT WAVE” Infrared lamp with single automatic control panel unit
  • Advanced paint curing technology
  • Short wave infra red technology which heats the job bottom to top to eliminate the moisture inside and outside which results quick drying time and ensures long life for painted surface.
  • Very practical suitable for rapid and perfect drying
  • Using special short wave quartz glass infra-red tube as the heat source with short light-wave which offers powerful penetratability
  • Automatic time control (range of O – 60 minutes programmable) and real-time display
  • Short drying time to ensure high efficiency and high quality of painted surface
  • Bracket is made of metal alloy with beautiful appearance and reliable structure
  • Lamp back cover is made of stainless steel with mirror-like surface and good reflection effect with powerful heat- concentration ability

Eco-Friendly and Non – Polluting

  • Customer can save upto 70 % of fuel cost
  • This unit can be used in any Paint Booth